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Discovered on 10-1-07.
California resident since 1959. Wikipedia editor since 12-30-06.
Eclectic interests: Go (surrounding chess), Johann Sebastian Bach, technological innovations, cinema, writing short stories (unpublished author), space travel, politics (Libertarian), cognitive models ...

File knowledge under the six rationalities model: technology, economics, law, politics, sociology, psychology; (nature).
One may bring clarity to a discussion by referencing a cognitive model.

For example, the affective model: feelings, behaviors, attitudes, values.
Health is not a feeling; Health is a value. "I am not my burnt finger." --- Roy Masters.

Four Ideals: plenty, truth, virtue, beauty.

Ayn Rand's linked set: virtue, value, system.

"American values: Life, Truth, and Liberty, and the pursuit of those that threaten it." --- 12-14-05.

"Compulsion is the first instinct of the clueless." --- Christopher Chantrill, American Thinker, 3-24-09.

"Swim against the current. Even a dead fish can go with the flow." --- Jim Hightower, 3-16-09.

Science flies you to the moon. Religion flies you into buildings. UK omnibus ad campaign, Victor Stenger, 2-1-09.

Character is Destiny --- Heraclitus.

The key to Happiness is Freedom and the key to Freedom is Courage ---Thucydides.

Here are the facts and just the facts ...
Equal opportunity is born of Liberty.
Equal outcome is meted by Tyranny.
--- Bobby Stix, 10-18-10

Once you get upset you are in a hypnotic state, you rebel or conform. --- Beyond the Known, Roy Masters.

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